How to Write a Controversial Essay on Human Rights as a Form of Imperialism

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How to Write a Controversial Essay on Human Rights as a Form of Imperialism

A controversial essay on human rights as a form of imperialism is really a form of argumentative writing.

The subject of this type of essay has to revolve around an issue which is controversial. This is where the writing assignment gets its name. That said, knowing the fundamentals to argumentative or persuasive style writings will help you to really explore the controversial essay.

Composing Your Thesis Statement

If you are trying to compose your thesis statement you have to first make sure that you have your topic set up. Before you can move into the thesis statement you need a topic. The reason for this is that the thesis statement should function as a stand-alone sentence to describe to your readers the purpose of your entire work. And your purpose is really answering a question or solving the problem. In the case of the argumentative style your goal is to argue that your particular side or viewpoint in something is correct compared to all other alternatives. But in order for that to be true you need to present both sides.

  1. You need to explain to the readers why the argument you’re making exists in the first place and this begins with presenting both sides.
  2. You have to present the actual problem that you are arguing.
  3. And with that you have to present to the reader why you are making your argument in one simple sentence.

If you are struggling to complete this task it might help you to sit down and conduct some brainstorming exercises that will better refine your problem and the problem statement and your answer.

Throughout the course of your research you might have to alter this particular statement as you find that the existing research does not support your viewpoint or the existing research supports an opposite viewpoint. In any case your goal is to be flexible in your hypothesis or your thesis. If you find that research causes you to change what you have presented that is perfectly fine so long as you simply make the necessary changes as they are required.

You want to use as few words as possible when you are working on your thesis. Remember that this should function as a stand-alone sentence, a topic sentence which gives your readers all the information they require in order to truly understand what you are presenting. Word economy can refer to using the fewest number of words to explain the hugest amount of ideas. And this is a concept that you want to employ when you work on this particular part of your task. In utilizing the steps you will be able to produce high-quality content.

Once you have your thesis completed, it is time to move on to the remainder of the writing process. Start by completing the body of your work, then wrap it up with the conclusion and an edited introduction. With a first draft off your shoulders, take your time revising and editing until the piece is complete.



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How to Write a Controversial Essay on Human Rights as a Form of Imperialism