Applying Theory from People Work and Organizations to Practice

Assignment Task

This individual assignment requires you to consider the challenges in applying the
theory and principles covered in Semester One to organizations. You are required to
select three topics from those provided below (one topic from each of the three blocks
covered in Semester One – you are then asked to write for each topic a separate
‘explanation and application’ summary of around 600 words in which you should:

{3 Describe key principles/theories that you identify from this topic area

1] Identify criticisms of these theories/principles

D Discuss the theory’s implications for and application to specific organizational
examples and consider the ethical issues raised.

Your assignment should also contain an introduction that briefly outlines the three
topic areas covered and a more extensive conclusion which should look across the
three topics you have considered and identify themes and issues in common.

The coursework will be marked out of 100 and is worth 40% of the overall mark for
this module.

The overall maximum length for this assignment is 2000 words. All the elements
identified above (introduction, three ‘explanation and application’ summaries and your
conclusion) must not exceed this limit.

In discussing your organizational examples it is important that you offer more than
just simple descriptions of opinions or unsubstantiated opinion on how the
principles/theory you have addressed seems to apply. Instead we are looking for
considered and detailed analysis of the implications of the theory in light of your
named organizational examples.


1. Either: Motivation and Job Satisfaction or Groups and 8: Team working

2. Either: Personality or Perception

3. Either: Recruitment and Selection or Performance Management and Appraisal
The objective of this assignment is to explore some key areas of the module and
consider these in the context of real organizations. The purpose of the assignment is
to consider the application of theory to practice. An assignment that makes little or no
reference to any organizational situation or appropriate theoretical and conceptual
issues will not fulfil the above brief and is likely to receive a fail.

A simple description of the situation in an organization and relevant theory might get a
bare pass, however to get a better mark you need to use theory to explain what is
happening in organizations – not just what happened, but why things happened in a
particular way and why they led to particular outcomes. A really good assignment will
evaluate the utility of theory – how good is it at explaining practice, how far is it of
assistance in understanding organizational issues and problems and suggesting
recommendations for future practice?

Please word-process the assignment using 1.5-line spacing and include a cover sheet
including the University’s required statement of authenticity and your assignment’s
word length. Type on one side of the page only and fasten the assignment by stapling
at top left hand corner. Further binding/folders is neither necessary nor welcome. Full
details for the requirements for submission can be found in the programme handbook.
Further general guidance on the expectations of assignments are provided below
(Section 7: Developing Good Academic Practice) and you are strongly encouraged to
familiarize yourself with these.

If you fail the module you may have an opportunity to resubmit it as a supplementary
assessment. If this is the case you will be informed of this by the programme office
after the completion of the whole academic year. There is no supplementary multiple
choice questions. The supplementary assignment will be the same as the original
coursework. The expectation is that you will submit and improved assignment that
addresses the deficiencies in the original assignment identified in feedback. The date
for resubmission will be set by the programme office. It is imperative that if you have
any questions about feedback on its receipt that you contact the module leader as no
additional formative feedback will be provided for resubmissions.

Applying Theory from People Work and Organizations to Practice